The Menu (03/03/14 – 09/03/14)

The Menu is a weekly post detailing what I plan to do over the coming week, it also looks back on my previous week and my learnings from it.

20 Days.. Not doing the weeks anymore. It is soon!

And that over there.. Is Tasmania! or not. :\

And that over there.. Is Tasmania! or not. :\

1. Did our last big ride over the weekend, 6 hrs in total, which included 5 laps of Arthurs Seat. Have to say its the best I’ve gotten through a larger set of this nature. Even with a little stack in front of the peanut gallery!
2. Was told this week was the beginning of tapering.. Then I saw my program.. 2.5hr Run on the Wednesday – Pre Work. FML.
3. Very happy with the honey sandwiches during training, still finding the perfect way to wrap them.
4. Deciding on the particulars currently, including clothing changes, shoes with elastics/laces.. general over analysing.
5. Slightly increased my frequency of gel intake over the weekend to (1 every 25 min). Found it worked quite well. No bonk.
6. Signed up for Western Sydney 70.3, was surprised it didn’t sell out quickly.
7. Enjoying the Legends Of Triathlon Podcast.. If you haven’t check it out.

Now onto the slightly (not at all..) decreased program!

PM: MPTC Swim 4km

AM: MCC Hills + 30min

AM: 2.5hr Run Tempo (Going to aim around 4:40 per/km)
PM: Team Barefoot Swim Squad

Day Off 

AM: Team Barefoot Swim Squad

AM: 100min Run (5 x 3min Tempo Efforts)
PM: Swim 4km

AM: Ride 4hrs TT Bike (3 x 15min Efforts)

Best Of Strava

Blue Team!

Blue Team!

A 6hr group ride to Arthurs Seat with 5 repeats followed by a trip down to Cape Schanck, A history and geography lesson from Greg and

Big Jase, followed by a T2/T3 ride back to Mornington. Definitely the strongest i’ve felt on the bike considering the meters climbed and km’s in the legs from the previous day. Also nice to see your name (albeit a nickname) chalked on the road for inspiration during the climb!. Even a little stack didn’t stop this from being my favourite session of the week.

Untitled by Stephen.ThePunisher.Pate at Garmin Connect – Details. (Wonder if that works!!?)

Fisting Arthur indeed!

Fisting Arthur indeed!

Enjoying the final weeks before the Race!
What races do you have planned for next season?

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